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iFace multi-biometric identification time attendance product adopts ZKSoftware latest ZEM600 platform with ZK Face 5.0 algorithm and large capacity memory. iFace series integrated 630MHz high speed ZK Multi-Bio processor and high definition infrared camera which enables user identification in the dark environment. The appearances of iFace series are designed by Germany professional design company according to the view of human engineering. All operations of iFace device are designed to be finished on the 4.3 inches TFT touch screen. Multi-model communications includes RS232/485, TCP/IP, optional WiFi or GPRS. Optional built-in 2000 mAh battery eliminates the trouble of power-cut.· Integration of Fingerprint, Facial, RFID, and Password identification methods. · Elegant design according to the view of human engineering · 4.3’’ TFT touch screen, easy operation, fashionable and simple interface. · 6 user-defined function keys · Simple access control function reduces extra door control equipments cost for users. · Webserver management software via IE browser. · Extendable scheduled-bell. · Infrared optical system enables user identification in dark environment. · Optional built-in backup battery support extra 4 hours continuous operation if power cut. · Optional built-in wireless WiFi or GPRS communication makes easier device installation without wiring.

FingerPrint + RFID + Photo ID (Time and Attendance Software Download)
Professional Design: Elegant workmanship, metallic mounting plate is easy to install · It has color TFT Display: 3.5inch figure, TFT high-definition graphical interfaces, which can display the individual graphical interfaces and personnel color photos. · Multi-identification methods, can meet users individual requirement: Proximity card, fingerprint, password, of which functions can be chosen freely combined for identification. · Multi-group network communication: RJ45 Ethernet, RS232, RS485. · Standalone function: it is suitable the application of inconvenient remote network, adopt U disk to download and upload time attendance record& photos onveniently.
Build in embedded TCP/IP protocol, 100M high-speed network which can realize support crossing the sub mask to transmit the data. · It is self-service operation, enormously convenient for users or administrator to enquiry. · Support the real-time transfer of the time & attendance data, using steady internet platform which has improved the reliability of the time & attendance data. · Multinational language menu: Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Spanish etc. multinational languages can be changed freely.  · Time & Attendance device which can make sound: Each function to be operated has voice hint, also can pronounce the name or number of the users. · Multi-item auxiliary functions: Meeting NoticeR, Birthday Prompt, sharp Hour ring Prompt, power on and off at schedule time, advertisement broadcast. · Huge capacity memory: The maximum storage is 1,500 fingerprints, store 30,000  records;EMS memory can be distributed and extended dynamically. · Apply the advanced LINUX Embedded operation system, 24 hours continuous operation; the terminals are steady and credible. · Feature function key and navigation key: 16 function keys and 8 working function keys. · Adopt the worlds most advanced fingerprint sensing technology and algorithms, fast identification speed, the FAR rate is 0.0001% .HIP Devices.... CM100 CM110 CM200 CM202 CM203 CM260 CM280 CM300 CM580 CM4 CMI300 CMI2000 CM1000 F4 F4+ F4VISTA IF4VISTA F4B BRAVO1 BRAVO4 BRAVO5 BRAVO6 BRAVO6B BIO2 BC2000 A8 A5 A5-S A5B 702


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